Sunday, February 12, 2017

Andalucia, presented by the Flamenco Society of San Jose

Last night's performance of Andalucia at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts has me now a big fan of the Flamenco Society of San Jose.  Andalucia begins with Manuel Valencia on the guitar.  He plays slowly, beautifully.  His fingerpicking made me wish I never gave up the acoustic guitar.  (By now, I would've been halfway decent).  Manuel is then joined by percussionist Luis Carrasco, on his cajon, a wooden box whose sounds are deep, yet also reminiscent of a snare.  The pace quickens, and enters singer Lela Soto Sordera and dancer Antonio Molina "El Chorro."  At this point, the audience is enchanted.  Lela's strong voice commands attention, while Antonio's moves are electrifying.  For those who missed this memorable performance, there will be a second showing tonight (February 12th) at the La Pena Cultural Center (if not already sold out).

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